Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Does Hypnotherapy Work for Real

Yes, Hypnotherapy does work wonders on the person in turmoil of life. But to understand how we need to understand certain differences. The first useful thing to distinguish here is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. You need to understand that there is a big difference between the act of hypnotizing someone (hypnosis) and the amazing changes that can happen with the help of a qualified hypnotherapist (hypnotherapy).

We hope that after you read this section you will never confuse a stage hypnotist (the person you see getting laughs on TV) with a hypnotherapist (the person who helps you stop smoking, lose weight, or recover from a life-long phobia).

What is Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state of mind connected to deep relaxation, narrowed focus, and increased suggestibility. Hypnosis is an intermediate state between sleep and wakefulness. Hypnosis can be likened to the state you are in when you act intuitively instead of intellectually. During hypnosis, you basically ask your inner drill sergeant to take a break while your clever, artistic self comes forward. And believe us, everybody has both aspects within them!

Hypnotherapy is hypnosis used for therapeutic purposes. Hypnotherapy applies the technique of hypnosis to encourage your unconscious mind to find solutions to problems. Hypnosis is a state of consciousness. Hypnotherapy is a therapy. Hypnosis itself is not therapy. The therapy part of a hypnosis session occurs after hypnosis has been used to induce your trance. Then the hypnotherapist makes suggestions that help your unconscious mind achieve your goals or remove your problems. Just as there are many avenues to hypnosis, including self-hypnosis and self-induced trances (see the next section), there are many different hypnotherapy techniques and applications.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

We write enthusiastically about the potentials for change that hypnotherapy can provide, If you have never experienced hypnotherapy, it’s probably a bit difficult to understand how these changes happen when you’re in trance, with your eyes closed and in a daydream-like state. Fair enough! In order to explain how therapy occurs while you’re in trance, remember this: during hypnosis your body is relaxed, but your thoughts become very attentive. You are able to focus at an enhanced level when you are in a hypnotherapy session. And what you are focusing on is the therapist’s suggestions. This is where the therapy part begins. If your issue is to avoid sweet, fattening foods, the therapist gives your unconscious mind specific suggestions on how to do this very easily. If you are coming to hypnosis to stop smoking, the hypnotherapist gives you suggestions to remove your associations with smoking, so that you no longer have any desire to smoke and no longer consider yourself to be a smoker.

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