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Sleeping Problem with Hypnosis


Sleeping issues can make it very difficult for people to get enough sleep. When the conscious mind is riddled with conflict such as fear, worry, anger, anxiety, etc, the brain has a difficult time of letting go and allowing the mind and body to fall sleep.  Lack of sleep can make it difficult to concentrate and function. This can lead to more worry and anxiety, and it is a repetitive cycle, making sleep less frequent. In other words, worrying about sleep issues creates insomnia.

One of the most natural and effective ways of curing insomnia is hypnosis. Hypnosis uses focused concentration, reduced awareness and an increased ability to be open to suggestion. In a state of hypnosis, the subconscious mind is not aware of the difference between real and imagination. This is one of the many reasons hypnosis is so effective. As a hypnotherapist, I will create a subconscious change in the client in the form of new responses, thoughts, and behaviors that will effectively cure the client of triggers that lead to insomnia and help induce a peaceful sleep.


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**Results may vary from person to person

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