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Testimonial AlexMy name is Stefan, I am a nationally ranked junior tennis player. I travel the world playing competitive junior championships and looking to go pro within the next few years. I’ve had some problems in the past. From losing my focus during practices and matches, to always getting angry on court. I was never calm, relaxed and collected. Never, until I met Alex. Just after a few sessions, I immediately saw improvement in my attitude, focus, tennis, and mentality. Alex uses your own mind to motivate you through hard times. Clears your mind. I have never felt more relaxed on the court. I met Alex 4 months ago and during that period I’ve improved and had my best results in tournaments. Alex’s sessions have been helping me more than I could ever imagine. Would recommend to Everyone 10/10!! *

Stefan Lalovic

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Testimonial 2

Do you believe in miracles?
I do now. Nothing is impossible when it comes to Aleksandar’s help. Just ask, believe and receive!
I had a few sessions with Alex, which helped me get rid of my bad habits (drinking, smoking and gambling) affecting my soul and relationship with my family.
Ever since I got back into my healthy lifestyle which I’m progressing in each day, I never looked back!
That’s the power of Hypnosis! I spent lots of time and money for counseling in the past and ended up with no real solution. Thanks to Alex’s graduate expertise, knowledge and experience. I feel like a new born person, even better now since I have a “Gold Mind”!!

I enjoy my life every day and have become a shining role model for my son and husband.
There are not enough words to explain how thankful I am to Alex! *


*Results may vary from person to person.*

Testimonial 3

Thank you Alex for all that you have done for me. You are true healer, real professional and great soul. Thank you for making this world a better place. I’m so glad I decided to take a flight from Miami to Vegas to meet you. When I got to your office, I was hypnotized first by the beautiful Tivoli Village in Las Vegas. That place is magic atmosphere which reminds me of an old European town with an aroma of coffee and pastry.

Honestly, I was not expecting much from hypnotherapy, but I was curious and I just wanted to try.
What experience! It was a mind-blowing and much more than I could ever imagine! Although I raised my awareness for 10 years of meditating and practicing Reiki, I still had problem with communication. I often was feeling angry, frustrated, powerless and hurt. With Aleksandar’s extraordinary intuition, compassion and knowledge, he transported me to the time when I was very small child. He helped me to find the deepest roots of those negative emotions and showed me how to transform them. I experienced all of these in one session.
Now, I feel like a new person. I feel balanced, loved, free, calm, grateful, peaceful, blessed, real and complete. When I go through something that before used to make me frustrated, I still can criticize it, but without feeling hurt, angry and sad. Those emotions are no longer for me. I don’t feel them anymore.
I am grateful with all my heart! I will tell everyone how amazing he is. *


*Results may vary from person to person.*

Testimonial 4

I have done many alternative healing and energy modalities over the years with success in all – yet there was still something missing. What was missing was a key element of inner peace and strength that stayed with me in my very core regardless of external situations. I desired to apply this strength in relationship, career and athletics.

Alex’s treatments changed my life. The old feelings and patterns that had nagged me periodically for years were gone after session #2. The heaviness was lifted, the circular head conversations were greatly diminished and the doubts that had hung around for years evaporated. I feel stronger, more grounded, more assured and focused.

I am a strong believer in hypnotherapy now. Give it a try – you will love it! *

Best Regards,
Tam B.

*Results may vary from person to person.*

Testimonial 5

I’ve lived my whole life as a skeptic, never believing in the effectiveness of hypnotherapy or therapy in general. I considered myself level headed and strong minded, and in a lot of ways that was true, however I always knew something was in the way preventing me from achieving true inner peace.
After only one session with Alex, he was able to have me confront my issues that were preventing me from living my life effectively. He has a gift that I cannot explain, but I know his therapy sessions are highly effective, and the effect I am seeing in my day-to-day state of mind is priceless. His skill in hypnotherapy and healing is unbelievable.
I am forever indebted to him for changing me and my life for the better. I cannot recommend him enough to all my friends and family and everyone I care about. *

Stephen H.

*Results may vary from person to person.*

Testimonial 6

Alex Maric is an outstanding hypnotherapist! In addition to being highly knowledgeable and professional at what he does, he is an exceptionally intuitive healer. After trying many different techniques and approaches for inner transformation with limited success, I’ve experienced a really dramatic shift for the first time in a session with Alexander. It was a real miracle! He’d taken me to my childhood and I re-experienced one of long-forgotten events which, it turns out, had shaped my personality and had been dragging life energy away from me. After transforming what came up during that regression I experienced the depth of forgiveness I never believed was possible. My anger and frustration were gone instantly! It’s been a long time since I had my sessions with Alexander and I am still in the flow! Life is actually getting better on all fronts. I can’t express enough gratitude to him for what he has done for me. He’s truly changed my life! Thank you, Alexander. You are amazing! I recommend Alexander Maric to anyone who is serious about inner transformation and who wants to let go of fears, anxieties, bad habits, aggression, anger, low self-esteem. You will experience a real quantum leap in your lives! *

*Results may vary from person to person.*

Testimonial 7

My life changed the moment I met Alex Maric.  The experience I had in his office transformed my mind state and I have a whole new life.  Thank you so much!

Brandy C.

*Results may vary from person to person.*


* WOW! Alex is an incredible person! As a result of my sessions with him- I experienced an astounding transformation. I wasn’t really clear on what I wanted. I was just sick & tired of being sick & tired. I felt stuck, not progressing as I should, hopeless, etc… Alex has a unique concern & very keen intuition. During my sessions with him, I dealt with grief, relationships, self confidence, my health, fear, & guilt (yes I was a functional mess). Afterwards I felt like I was reborn! I can’t thank him enough! I Got my Life Back!!!

The last session I had was just a few hours before my red- eye flight back to Atlanta (left @10 pm Tues night). I had the baby crying flight so I got no sleep. Arrived in Atlanta at 5 am,( wed morning) got in the bed at 6:30 am, Had to get up by 11 am because I had a flight that same night( wed night) to Detroit. So I had to rush & unpack so I could pack & get back to the airport. Normally my blood sugar would be sky high from such a hectic schedule. But when I checked my blood on wed morning after no sleep & flying across country all night—It was PERFECT !!!! I couldn’t believe it- I checked it twice! And after another stressful flight arriving in Detroit at midnight. My blood sugar was still good on Thursday morning too!!!


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